About us

Founded in 2017, the Investment Strategy Club Cologne offers students interested in finance the opportunity to gain first-hand investment experience. The members meet every two weeks to advance their knowledge on topics ranging from the stock exchange and equities to investing as a whole via lectures and discussions. In our Wikifolio, which is actively managed by the students, we then put our theoretical knowledge into practice to gain real experience of the workings of capital markets.

Our purpose

  • Provide our members with knowledge on investment topics and first-hand experience in capital markets
  • Establish a Wikifolio with a higher return rate than the market 


  • Biweekly club meetings with discussions about current market circumstances
  • Joint trips to finance events 
  • Information about career opportunities related to the financial sector 
  • Networking-platform
  • Active portfolio management

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Club Management

Marcel Steigert
Christian Fink