Value Investing

"In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run it is a weighing machine."
- Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of fundamental securities analysis and the principles of value investing. These principles are guided by the basic idea of valuation of real economic equivalent values and form the basis for our biweekly discussions. Fundamental data is used to decide whether individual stocks are eligible for an investment. This is in contrast to strategies based on technical analysis.
One of the most important aspects, for example, is the safety margin. Here, the difference between the intrinsic value or the fundamental figures and the current market price is considered. As the safety margin increases, so does the risk to the investor.

Value Trading is used among others by star investor Warren Buffett.

During our meetings, we will provide s with various key figures for company evaluation and give you the opportunity to present individual stocks yourself. Afterwards we will vote with all present members, if and how we will include your proposal in our Wikifolio.

Closing Bell

We hold our club meeting every second wednesday. At meeting we discuss current developments on the stock market and their impact on our Wikifolio 
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Current positions

  company ISIN industry performance
1 MASTERCARD US57636Q1040 Financial Services / Payments +8.13%
2 Facebook US30303M1027 IT +2.13%
3 WIRECARD DE0007472060 Financial Services / Payments +40.62%
3 Apple Inc. US0378331005 IT +49.76%
3 Skyworks Solutions Inc. US83088M1027 IT -13.22%

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